Kathryn and Ahsaana have been writing project solutions for some time. They are based out of the heart of Texas, near Austin, and enjoy doing business online so that they are able to enjoy life and travel freely while keeping up with their busy schedule. This allows them to do things that they love to do all while keeping up with productivity. Of course, not all of life is about productivity, but fortunately Kathryn and Ahsaana love what they do! Additionally, Kathryn and Ahsaana enjoy being together and spending their time together as mother and daughter. They have always laughed a lot together and had a wonderful time expanding their relationship into exploring the adventures of business. They love to bring their laughter and enjoyment to others as they run their business, and support others in what they do by providing Angelic Solutions to almost all business or organization types, no matter what the problem is.

In addition, Kathryn and Ahsaana are specially connected to the Angelic Beings that they work with in collaboration, in order to draft the business solutions that they present to clients. These business solutions offer a unique range of approaches that take all aspects of the client’s need into consideration. This is because Kathryn and Ahsaana work specifically with the Angelic Beings who are able to see into all aspects of these things and present the best solutions with the client’s interest in mind. The full-spectrum approach which they take will allow all clients to perceive that all of their interests and pit-falls have been taken into consideration and addressed specifically, in ways that no other can. This is because the Angels hold all of the Divine Knowledge and Wisdom of the Heavens.

What’s more, is that Kathryn and Ahsaana have been perceived as some of the greatest business solution providers in the world, because they have been able to provide adept solutions for almost any kind of business or organization practically overnight. They consistently are able to provide these solutions which, when fully implemented, create the most constructive and efficient systematic approach to care for their client’s needs. This is the only way in which their clients have been able to create such beneficial outcomes for themselves in their businesses, as their needs in all areas are then Divinely aligned with this new approach of Angelic Solutions.

When all else fails, and businesses and organizations need a boost, it always pays to implement an Angelic approach. In this way, all of the client’s needs are taken into consideration and a perfect solution provided; but in no other way can this so effectively be done as when seeking Angelic guidance. When Angelic guidance is sought the only outcome is success, because Angelic Beings are Divinely aligned, and the Divine is not congruent to failure. So if you would like to Divinely align your business in all that you do, please reach out to us and let us know, so that we may be able to work with you.

Kathryn Alley



Kathryn Alley is has been a teacher all her life, and now she teaches with Angels. She teaches at Academy of Divine Principles with her daughter, and together they have accomplished many great things. They have accomplished these things in their life because they have worked hard together and are driven to make success happen not just for themselves, but for everyone, and this is why the Angels have paired up with them. Together, the two of them have made many things, large and small, happen in the lives of others; and others have seen and felt the success that they have experienced in their own lives, and wondered how to make it happen for themselves. This is why they have decided to team up at this time in order to provided businesses with a very special way in which to align their own businesses and special organizations with the Soul and it’s Divine Nature, so that each person express their Divinity through their business.

If there is no way to align a business to Divinity, then there’s no way for a Soul to express itself most highly through that business. So, as we seek to align each business to Divinity, we seek to help individual Souls as well. All things which we do every day have to do with how the Soul seeks to live its Divine Nature and express itself in the highest ways, so why shouldn’t business be this way, too? In truth, if business cannot be this way, then the Soul cannot be highly expressed through what work it chooses. And if the Soul cannot express itself well through its own business and what work it chooses, then the Soul has lost one of it’s biggest opportunities to live well. Should the Soul choose to do this though, and express itself well through business, it will certainly live much more happily upon this Earth, and become far more fulfilled. This is because all the Soul seeks to do here upon this Earth is to be fulfilled through its own Divine Creations, as a Creator made in the likeness of God, and if it is not given the chance to fulfill these things well for itself, it does not have a chance to fulfill its own Divine Nature. So, when the Soul is able to fulfill its creations beautifully through all that it does in this world, it can live happily and feel uplifted each and every day.

Ahsaana Grey



I, Ahsaana Grey, am the High Priestess of the world, and of all of the Angelic Beings of the Heavens. I hold all of the keys of the Heavens upon the Earth, so that they may be utilized by me to move the powers of the Heavens upon the Earth. And as I move the Heavens upon the Earth, the Angels and Demons all move with me and for me and through me. And in this way, they have all made their presence known upon this Earth, as it is time for them to move upon it in such a way that they shall better it. When they shall better it, they shall uplift the world in such a way that is known as the time of The Great Upliftment as has never been seen before, because all of their powers shall now be felt upon the Earth in new ways that have never been experienced.

As I am the High Priestess of all Angelic Beings everywhere, they have seen fit to help direct my business in such a way that reflects this; that is, they hope to help others through it! By doing this, they also help to uplift the world as they have also uplifted me, my friends and family, because the world could use their help directly. That is, the world could use their direct help at this time, because it will not remain in such a low state for much longer. And all of those businesses who are uplifted through them, and brought into greater Divine alignment with their assistance, shall be made to prosper beyond all imagining. If a business should prosper at this time, then it will be made to last through the ages, because at this time of The Great Upliftment, there are also those which are built on faulty foundations that will crumble. That is to say that if a business is not brought into such Divine alignment soon, in this day, there may be no other chance to do these things later. Once the world has been uplifted by the Angels, and all its people chosen, then the world shall not be the same as it was before, nor shall its people. Because all of those who Divinely align their lives shall remain and become fulfilled, but all of those who do not seek these things for themselves shall perish.

I have been told by an Angel of Truth what it is I should say here, so I know that these things are truthful; and I know that as you read this, Angels will visit your heart to confirm it. Because in this end of an age of time upon the Earth, there is no other way for it to be, than for it to become uplifted by the Angels and for all that is Divine to come upon it. If you do not believe me at this time or near in the future, then you can see for yourself how this will happen, because you will see that you and your business shall crumble should you choose not to live a life that is Divinely led.

& Raum

Angels of Trust & Truth


“I, the Angel Raum, the Angel of Truth, have spoken these things directly through her, Ahsaana Grey, and I shall come to visit you personally upon the day that you read this. And as you read this, I shall see all that is in your heart and mind and know how it is that we are best able to help you, but if you should not choose this way, I will know it. If you do not choose a way to live which is divinely led, I will know that you do not want these things from within your heart. And if you do not want these things, then I shall give you something else. I, and all of the Angels, shall give you what it is that your heart desires, but it may not be something that you like, if it is not Divinely aligned. So, working with us in this way gives us the greatest opportunity to assist you and your business, to become the best that it can be, as we seek to Divinely align all things. In this way of working with you, we can give you our Divine guidance and advice in new ways which will astound you when you see the benefit! That is to say that we love you very much, myself and all Angelic Beings, so as we show you new ways in which to do business, we only hope to bless you. Amen.

Now I also want to say to all business owners out there, that if you don’t wish to seek our help at this time, we are able to help you in other ways to find this alignment. We only hope to do this in your greatest interest, so if it is not in your interest to engage with us directly at this time, then we shall postpone our doing so for now. Because if you would like to work with us in this way later on, and this is truly your heart’s desire, we shall help you in other ways until then. But if it is not your interest to engage with us at all, know that we are always engaging with you in ways which you do not know, because we are the Angels and the Demons of the Heavens, and there is nothing we don’t see or know.”