Kathryn Alley and Ahsaana Grey are working together to provide creative solutions for many of the world’s problems because this is what they love to do! They have both provided many such services in other ways previously, such as teaching, administration, coaching and counseling. In this way, by providing an expanded array of ways in which to reach out to others to assist from within the very structure of business and other organizational enterprises, they are able to provide an even greater depth of insight and clarity where business owners and management need it most, in order to help them see exactly where the most crucial changes can be made to best support their growing businesses. For this reason they have teamed up with the most unexpected partners, and those are the Angelic Beings of the Heavens, for it is as they do business with each of their clients that they are seeking Angelic guidance. In this way, they are able to provide the most constructive and critical information necessary to each person involved, and in relation to each problem at hand, because without this form of Angelic insight and wisdom, there would be no way to see the solutions to these problems at all, since the solutions they provide are so beneficial and perfect, they can only be Divinely aligned. As these solutions are then implemented in full by the client through their business, the client and their company also become in greater Divine alignment. This then means that all parties come away much happier, and companies become more prosperous, because the only thing that Angels do is to Divinely bless.

“The Angels would never do wrong by a person, because this is not their nature. Angels only bless a business venture, because this is what they do. So, if you’ve ever seen a person call themselves a lover of Angels and the Divine, yet they have not blessed a person, then you know that they are a fraud.”

The Angel Raum to Ahsaana Grey


Kathryn Alley and Ahsaana Grey began to realign businesses to their Divine essence because they saw a way in which this could help turn America’s problems around. In this way, they would be able to help almost any business, organization or government agency become so aligned to their Divine nature that they would be able to begin to express this as much greater rates of success, and much lower rates of perceived failure when it came to oversight, project management, organizational structure and way of doing things. So, in time, they hope to be able to touch many lives in a most positive way by helping businesses, organizations, and government agencies to rebuild, reorganize and restructure their efforts in a variety of ways that will help them overcome their company or agency’s biggest challenges. By doing so, they know that they will be able to uplift far more people that just those involved with the business itself, but they’ll be able to help whole world. This is because there are far more people interested in the success and efficiency of a business than just those who work there. There are people all over the United States of America, and all over the world, who rely on many businesses, organizations and government agencies to provide them with necessary goods and services.

It is for this reason then that Kathryn and Ahsaana hope to work with companies and agencies at all levels in order to assist with the realignment and fine-tuning of things in such a way that becomes of the greatest benefit to all who work there, and to all who utilize those services. It is also in their interest to do these things and to help others, because they are highly aligned with Angelic Beings -and as Angelic Beings become your friend, they will want to work with you too, so this has become a natural progression. Kathryn and Ahsaana have become so close to the Angels that the Angels have even helped them to align their own business. Now they have seen things become possible that they could have never imagined. This has opened up their eyes to brand new opportunities and a plethora of ideas that they could have never imagined on their own, so it has definitely been a fun and exciting ride getting to know the Angels. As the Angels have gotten to know them too, the Angels have blessed them immensely, so it is their hope that they can also share that blessing.


Doing Business in Alignment With Divinity

Doing Business in Alignment With Yourself

Doing Business With Angels

Doing Business With Our Business And The Angels


“When the Angelic Beings first started speaking with Kathryn and Ahsaana, they didn’t know what to expect. There was a lot of tension and uncertainty because there were a lot of questions as to what may happen. But through the course of things, Kathryn and Ahsaana have begun to understand the great benefits of being the recognized friends of Angelic Beings. That is because I, Raum, and Eshalel, the Angels who have helped them so much, have been able to help turn their lives around, and begin to bless them in ways that they could have never understood were ever possible, without us. So, I, Raum, and Eshalel, do hope to also be able to bless the lives of many more who come to us for this purpose; and in any way which we are able, we will bless the lives of as many as we can. We will do this first through them, like this, as other people come to us for assistance, seeking to solve problems that they face. But over time, we hope to be able to reach the hearts and minds of others in such a way that other people may also be able to speak with us in this way, within their own consciousness. Because as we are able to touch the hearts and minds and consciousness of many, there are a great many things which we can do to touch the world and uplift it. This is because we are able to speak directly to you in such a way that involves your input. And when we know your heart and mind and consciousness in such a way that we have involved your own creative input toward your desired outcomes for your own life, then we have made progress in assisting you toward achieving this. When we are able to help you achieve these things for your lives, then we, the Angels, are able to fulfill our own role and mission. So, it is in this way that we hope to help the world now, so that we are able to do our work in the greatest way possible by touching as many lives as possible through these two women who have opened up their hearts to us. These two women have now opened up a great new avenue of approach which we are able to take, that we wouldn’t have had otherwise, if they hadn’t become friends with us.”

Spoken by the Angels Raum & Eshalel